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Leadership Team

Who We Are

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Saul Hakim

Founder & President

My name is Saul Hakim and I am the founder and president of the Yeshiva Israel Advocacy Coalition. I graduated Hillel Yeshiva as part of the class of 2021 and am a student at the Binghamton University studying Political Science and the Middle East.. Last year, I studied at Yeshivat Moreshet Yerushalayim and worked for the Municipality of Jerusalem in Foreign Relations. I founded the YIAC because I had a vision of creating a platform specifically for students from religious Zionist backgrounds and wanted to give them the tools they needed to reach their fullest potential. Building this community of young leaders is an accomplishment which I am immensely proud  and only hope to see grow. We live in a world where Jewish students constantly have their identities attacked and values challenged. The YIAC is here to help our students fight back and stand up to the hatred. 

Kayla Hutt

Executive Vice President

My name is Kayla Hutt and I am a student at New York University studying Journalism. I attended North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, during which I was an active participant in Israel Awareness and YIAC. This past year, I studied at Midreshet Moriah. Spending a year living and studying has only strengthened my resolve and commitment to standing up for Israel. With a passion for bringing information to light, YIAC is the perfect outlet to expose students to the importance of Israel and different speakers on its behalf. Over the past year, I alsoheld an internship for End Jew Hatred, managing a group-chat of big name blue check influencers that fight against antisemitism and anti-zionism. 


Zachary Moskovitz

Director of Recruitment 

My name is Zachary Moskovits and I am thrilled to return to the YIAC as a VP and Director of Recruitment. Having finished my high school education at Frisch, I am now studying Economics and International Relations in college.  Growing up and experiencing antisemitic attacks firsthand in New York led me to devote my life to fighting antisemitism in all forms. From college classrooms to the streets of NYC, I am no stranger to standing firm against Jew-haters. I look forward to organizing Pro-Israel and Pro-Jewish voices on YIAC Campuses and beyond.

Noah Frydberg

Director of Media

My name is Noah Frydberg and I am the Vice President of Media for the Yeshiva Israel Advocacy Coalition. Currently, I am a 12th grader at Robert M Beren Academy in Houston, Texas. Passionate about the future of the Jewish people, I express this through my occupation with YIAC, as well as Houston NCSY’s Chapter President and as a 2022 Bronfman Fellow. Additionally, I’m passionate about self-development and marketing; and run my own digital marketing agency. When not studying or thinking up new start-up ideas, you can find me reading, exercising, or drawing.


Joseph Ostroff

Director of Partnerships

My name is Joseph Ostroff and I am the Vice President of Partnerships at the Yeshiva Israel Advocacy Coalition. I’m currently at the Maimonides School as part of the Class of 2023, where I serve as the Founder and President of our Israel Advocacy Club, as well as on the Regional Board of Northeast NCSY. From a young age, I’ve always harbored a deep love for politics and Am Yisrael, getting involved in local politics as early as middle school. One of my foremost achievements is when I successfully lobbied for an increase in security funding for private schools and got to attend the bill signing in NJ. I joined the YIAC because, as a student growing up in today’s society, I recognized the immense importance of equipping students with the necessary tools to combat antisemitism and to stand up for Israel. In my free time, I’m really into playing the guitar, playing baseball, and reading (mostly) non-fiction.

Ella Hoffman

Director of Education

My name is Ella Hoffman and I am a senior at Bi Cultural Hebrew Academy in Stamford, Connecticut.  In 2019, I attended the AIPAC policy conference. There, I learned that I wanted to become more active in Israel advocacy. The following year I became the VP of my school’s Israel Advocacy club and joined YIAC as a school representative. I found that other students in my community shared a passion for the state [of Israel]  but, like me, wanted to learn more and speak out on its behalf. My internship with StandWithUs in 2021 showed me that students needed the tools to learn more about Israel to think thoughtfully through the complicated issues. Now, I am the President of my Israel Advocacy Club and the YIAC VP of Education where I will work tirelessly to help ensure that students have the requisite educational materials to add their voices in support of Israel.


Mishael Sommers

Director of Programming

My name is Mishael Sommers and I am the Vice President of Programming at Yeshiva Israel Advocacy Coalition. I'm an American-born, Israeli-raised, modern orthodox Jew and currently a senior at Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida. As a Zionist Jew, I am very involved in Israeli advocacy and representation through many institutions and activities. I actively pursue my zionist ideals by being the Rosh Snif (Head of Chapter) of my local Bnei Akiva chapter in Boca Raton FL, working at Bnei Akiva summer camps, and the captain of KYHS's Israel club. I plan on going to yeshiva next year in Israel to increase my spirituality and religious growth and subsequently join the Israeli Air Force. When I am not defending Israel's reputation, I could be hiking, running, or rock climbing.

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